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Offered By: Expert Publishing Associates in partnership with Authority Media Group LLC*expert-profiles-marketing-recognition-group*png?alt=media&token=4b7250a6-4ed4-4217-8c83-b1af5a6e9a9e

A Few Words About The Project Facilitator

Marco is a professional marketer with more than 12 years of experience. He has led teams of professionals to achieve their goals through Authority Marketing principles.*Marco%20Salinas%20(3)*png?alt=media&token=c7b536af-6a03-4e94-901b-e0418a4f90ce

How To Establish Authority and Credibility Via Book Recognition

Our Expert Profiles book is an introduction to the world of Authority and Book Recognition at a very affordable price.  Here are the 3 Easy Steps to putting you and your business on the map:*iphonexlandleft_1036x845*jpg?alt=media&token=04073e99-322e-437d-b108-1f806d572dea
1. 20 Minute Interview about you and your biz on Business Innovators Radio Podcast*asilver-book*png?alt=media&token=c91f10e5-a9c7-445d-b5a5-81cd3968d6e3
2. In about 60 Days the Expert Profiles book will hit Best Seller Status on Amazon and allow you to showcase your chapter to any prospects or customers that you are already doing business with.*expert-profiles-award-on-bookstack*png?alt=media&token=66241ec2-e79f-4415-b8ad-66328f861e7b
3. Opportunities to upgrade your book cover as well as to highlight your contribution with plaques and certificates will be offered after the book is published as well as discounted pricing on all book purchases. (Plus they are great tax write-offs*)
And much more ....*expert-profiles-bookstack*png?alt=media&token=cfdcf02c-381f-481c-a33e-fdf7d4f0a0a0*328689017_783622786455611_3808899226935964256_n*jpeg?alt=media&token=1a3d2719-3b8d-4b81-9e65-843bccf4d15b*328337016_522550533193666_3987993954936706132_n*jpeg?alt=media&token=2d134a2b-f582-4340-acf8-520f776b905e


Tim Knifton of ITEX Barter Marketplace

"I am thrilled to have been a part of the Expert Profiles book project. The experience was amazing, and I cannot say enough about the professionalism and support of the team behind it all. Being a featured contributor has not only given me great exposure and recognition but also provided me with an incredible opportunity to showcase my expertise to a wider audience. The PR generated from this project has been outstanding, and it has helped me establish myself as a thought leader in my niche. I have received numerous inquiries and requests for interviews and collaborations, all thanks to my involvement in this book. I highly recommend the Expert Profiles project to any aspiring thought leaders who are looking to establish their authority and gain notoriety within their field." -Tim Knifton*IMG_1476*jpg?alt=media&token=e0592128-f9bc-4cf8-9e11-8c2eba048bcc*IMG_1475*jpg?alt=media&token=42d05c8c-938b-40a7-8906-16fb4cb1f7ab

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